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Well, I'll talk a little here about some points that I've seen in the thread.

First, My apologies to SKY and Dmitri, I didn't know the full story behind the posting of the video. Things happen sometimes, and perhaps I overreacted, but after working on this project for the last two months, it was a punch to my gut to see it go out when it did. Again, things happen, and it's water under the bridge.

I think Dmitri did a good job on his video review (btw, I do like the visual charts and such that HWC uses). I'm not gonna say if a reviewer is better than another reviewer or what not, everyone has their own style and methodology. It never hurts to have two sets of eyes (or, more) on something and I'm thankful for the reviewers we have out there that shed light on our products for other people to see.

I think what's great about NZXT cases is, we have a huge collection of people who mod our chassis out there. I've seen hundreds of killer mods out there, even some of the most simplistic ones are great.

Time will tell on this chassis. I can assure you, however, this is not the last of the Phantom series, and you will see others around the corner.
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