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Thanks god..i believed i was stupid!

Anyway i've got some doubts about the triple projector configuration...

If i'm not wrong the GTX 590 is connected to Acer H5360 3D Vision Ready projectors through HDMIs. But the GTX has only DVI ports, so i guess they are using DVI to HDMI adapters...
Is it possible to do the same thing adapting DVIs or DPs to VGAs or HDMIs inputs commonly used on projectors?

I'm really not getting the whole adapting thing, which are the possibilities?

As far as i know these adapters are allowed with 3D vision:

- You can adapt a DVI-I to VGA (single DVI or even more than one?)
- You can adapt a DP to HDMI, BUT only trough a few active adapters
- You can adapt a DVI-I or DVI-D to HDMI (trough standard adapters?)
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