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Yesterday I received the custom window applique from KarL'z Vinyl GraFIX. The applique is made from transparent frosted vinyl, so it looks etched into the window. Here is the steps involved in applying the window applique.

The first step is cleaning the surface of the window. I'm using Windex.

Using 100% cotton cloth to wipe off the surface.

Before you remove the backing paper, you need to determine the location of the applique first.

Once you decide on the location, apply pieces of low tack masking tape to mark off the edges of the applique. Doing this will make it easier to apply the PC window applique after you've removed the paper backing.

The masking tape piece eliminate the guessing when you apply the applique.

Remove backing paper from the applique, starting from one side.

Position and Apply the applique starting from edge of the masking tape.

You can use a Driver's License, Credit card or Vinyl Film Applicator so the applique is applied without any creases or air pockets.

Peel off the applique backing, starting from one side.

Ok! our Planetside2 New Conglomerate window applique is finished
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