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Originally Posted by Masteroderus View Post
Yeah having your isp monitor and restrict web pages is a great idea!! Corporate education is great, not propaganda at all!

Piracy is an issue, but so is the Orwellian amount of data that is collected on each and every one of us. Bending over to these policies that give to consideration to privacy in the name of stopping piracy is unacceptable.

Those that would trade one ounce of freedom for security deserve neither.
Once again, the piracy argument gets tossed out with the laundry and replaced with a rant about privacy.

People don't seem to realize that the supposed "freedom" they speak of in this case is infringed upon due to the very nature of piracy. If no one tried to circumvent the law, big brother wouldn't have to look over my shoulder and restrict website access.

It is a vicious circle and it will only stop once people realize that large companies will do whatever it takes to secure their intellectual property.
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