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Originally Posted by bonanza2000 View Post
So I got a backplane for my hard drives and the motherboard doesn't really have enough SATA III connections on it. Is there some kind of PCI board that will work that will allow you to have SATA III through it? Is it just as effective? Looking at the motherboard there are 2 SATA III connections and 4 sata II connections.

Secondary question is if you have 2 optical drives I guess it would be more important to have the hard drives hooked to SATA III than the optical drives. So optical drives to SATA II? Sheesh. so many questions for what seemed like a simple task.

maybe in order of priority SSD / HDD / Optical drives to parcel out the connectors?

Or maybe I need another motherboard?
It's probably best to connect all hard drives into the motherboard for better manageability especially if you intend to set up RAID. PCI is a fairly slow connection, SATA III will saturate the connection pretty quickly.

I would install hard drives on SATA III rather than optical drive. Neither device will be able to saturate SATAIII connection.

Order of priority: SSD, HDD, Optical Drive you have is correct.
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