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I will share my 2 cents:

I have been a big AMD fanboy from Athlon Xp 2500+ days. Today, I have no AMD products other than a server that I'm working on. Why is that? Intel products are better in performance and they have better integrations from CPU, Chipset, SSD and even down to NIC. The AMD server is used because of the value of multi-core Opetron brings but again, it's not a significantly better bang for buck either.

Business Wise - Intel is doing the right thing by milking on superior product that delivers better performance per dollar and per watt (non-GPU related performance.) From Pentium G8xx series to Xeon E5 series, they've successfully taken over market share and put Intel branded products in people's mind. When I talk about computer hardware to my friends, who aren't as technology literate, they start talking about i3, i5 and i7. I rarely hear them talk about AMD FX series, Bulldozer, Fusion, APU or Zacate. AMD haven't streamlined their branding and confusing the general users, where it really matters. We, technology literate might be an important chunk of business being the influencer but really, manufacturers need to make money and they make money from average users. There are too many branding for AMD, they need to start killing brands if they have no intention of maintaining it like Phenom and Athlon. What's the point of these brands if they want to push out Bulldozer and Ax series? All their marketing efforts are spent on those CPUs anyway so kill off products that don't belong or fit them into new branding.

Technology Wise: Unfortunately due to lacklustre products manufactured by AMD, Intel can relax and take a nap on technology innovation. It's not true, they have maintained tick-tock cycle they had on going after the epic fail of NetBurst. Their product may lack true innovation taking a leap and beyond AMD to the point AMD can no longer compete. Intel has brought enough innovation whether to improve their ends or improve performance and we've seen their tick-tock cycle to work extremely well. They may have 'micro-studder' or latency issues but those are minor things to average users. Most users will look at the product and say, can it run xxx? and what CPU does this have? Intel i5?

AMD's current products are not outstanding and as someone who goes around various technology forums and read benchmarks all day, it's a shitty product. For average Joe's, it might be acceptable product as value oriented. Value oriented products are not where it generates ton of revenue, it only drives volume. It needs to come up with better marketing plan especially the branding if they can't come up with better performance products. I sincerely hope AMD does well because I really liked their products even though my current setup consists of 99% Intel.
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