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Originally Posted by Soultribunal View Post
Though, I have yet, to see some 'live' scope shots on how 'dirty' this power is out of any of the mentioned units. And if the Main power off the mains was so clean in the first place, why would telecom industry need units such as that (big or small) to clean up and filter it out so that there equipment works?
If discussing power in a CO, those above discussed UPSes are not used. Too unreliable, too expensive, and too inferior. Telcos use backup power systems with battery life expectancy approaching twenty years. Not three years in a cheap UPS.

Telcos also use power straight off the mains. Switch to backup power only when necessary. Supplied by batteries for up to four hours and supplied by generators for days. The same devices that provide power (ie -48 volts) from mains are also a best place to perform most line conditioning functions. To say more means first listing each anomaly for discussion

Manufacturers recommend no surge protector on their UPS output. But rarely say why. Power in battery backup mode is not the ultimate pure current (ie less than 2% THD) that advertising wants everyone to believe. And it does not have to be. Because power from the 'dirtiest' UPS is also ideal power to all electronics.

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