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Originally Posted by westom View Post
That would be examples of a UPS approaching $1000. Some are less than $1000. We consider clean to be less than 2%. That is more than $1000. All examples of a UPS that cost around $1000.

Most spend $100+ for a UPS. Not $500. It claims to be a pure sine wave. Instead, it has waveforms that are square, stepped, trapeziod - anything but the sine wave they have assumed. Some UPS manufacturers will take extreme measures to avoid admitting that reality.

The 'dirtiest' UPS output is called a pure sine wave output. Because all 'dirty' waveforms are only a sum of pure sine waves. They love and should deceive consumers who do not demand numbers with each claim.
$400 UPS is not 'approaching' $1000. Thats the equivalent to saying a $175,000 home is 'close' to half a million.
Not quite the right way to phrase, and you can get pure sine wave UPS units from Cyber for even half of that. Which do a perfect job in there own right.

Though, I have yet, to see some 'live' scope shots on how 'dirty' this power is out of any of the mentioned units. And if the Main power off the mains was so clean in the first place, why would telecom industry need units such as that (big or small) to clean up and filter it out so that there equipment works?

REgardless, we are getting once again off the main Topic that the OP has started. And that is neither fair to him or this thread. SO I am going to ask this once more time Westom on these forums. Please keep it in check (as I myself have to remember to do from time to time). Help the OP , stay on topic.
This is the only time I am going to say this. I do not want a response to anything I have posted in this.


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