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Originally Posted by terrybear View Post
As I made clear in my posting 1stly i wasnt impressed by the case & honestly find it quite "fugly" & all over the place ...

And well my 2nd & biggest point .... you cant have a rep giving you a bad name by there conduct. Is AMD's PR department around after the fiasco with bulldozer ... no. To me what XNine posted SHOULD cost him his job ..... you NEVER ... EVER make a business matter public !! XNine could offer me a apoligy & a free case & i still wouldnt change my stance / view on it.

It's about integrity & if i've learned anything about this site since starting to post & be on it it is SKY makes shure the integrity of this site is there & if someone did what XNine did under hwc's name i'd expect he'd do as I sugested & terminate there involvement with the site. (or so i'd believe/asume)
I can understand being frustrated as this is a place that many of us have called home over the years.
However the best way to represent that as a forum, as a whole through good times and bad (mistakes) is to keep our heads cool and integrity in check.

There are always eyes watching, and the best way to provide a warm environment is to not invoke a witch hunt when the full story is not known.

So, as SKY said, its water under the bridge. Let us focus on the Case.

One that, right now, I think I would want to see and feel before purchasing.


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