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Originally Posted by NyteOwl View Post
I believe THD is spec'd at <5% at full load.
That would be examples of a UPS approaching $1000. Some are less than $1000. We consider clean to be less than 2%. That is more than $1000. All examples of a UPS that cost around $1000.

Most spend $100+ for a UPS. Not $500. It claims to be a pure sine wave. Instead, it has waveforms that are square, stepped, trapeziod - anything but the sine wave they have assumed. Some UPS manufacturers will take extreme measures to avoid admitting that reality.

The 'dirtiest' UPS output is called a pure sine wave output. Because all 'dirty' waveforms are only a sum of pure sine waves. They love and should deceive consumers who do not demand numbers with each claim.
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