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Originally Posted by Pabz0r545 View Post
You guys are going to let one comment from one employee stop you from purchasing any products from an entire company? That's ridiculous.

NZXT has great customer service I have seen XNine support many customers online in another forum.

... it wasn't even that bad.
As I made clear in my posting 1stly i wasnt impressed by the case & honestly find it quite "fugly" & all over the place ...

And well my 2nd & biggest point .... you cant have a rep giving you a bad name by there conduct. Is AMD's PR department around after the fiasco with bulldozer ... no. To me what XNine posted SHOULD cost him his job ..... you NEVER ... EVER make a business matter public !! XNine could offer me a apoligy & a free case & i still wouldnt change my stance / view on it.

It's about integrity & if i've learned anything about this site since starting to post & be on it it is SKY makes shure the integrity of this site is there & if someone did what XNine did under hwc's name i'd expect he'd do as I sugested & terminate there involvement with the site. (or so i'd believe/asume)
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