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Yes you can create sub-directories.

Shared hosting is the most common web hosting available. It's what keeps costs down and makes it affordable for personal accounts. Normally it should not affect your speed. The thing to watch is hosts that are selling tons of space or bandwidth dirt cheap. Neither are "unlimited" and there are often hidden "gotcha's" in the TOS if you start using most of the advertised resources. I have no experieince with either of those two companies but they are both "unlimited" plans which for me is a big red flag.

I don't know how much space/bandwidth you need but I can recommend A Small Orange: Homegrown Hosting . I've been with them for almost 7 years have have never had a serious problem and their support is excellent. If you do like them and decide to go with them you can find discount coupons in some of the signatures (including mine) on their forums.
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