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Well he has a point, Intel has been holding back innovation ever since we moved on from LGA 775. Look at X48, X58 vs all the chipsets on 1156/1155. Limited PCI lanes, memory controllers that shares bandwidth with the PCI bus. Design wise Sandy and Ivy (as well as the chipsets that go along with them P67, Z77 ect.) are designed to cost as little as possible while only giving us the bare minimum to still perform well.

I think the most obvious example is people who have issues with microstudder. P67 and Z77 share practically everything off the PCI bus, and that includes the ram memory. Now bandwidth is not the problem, the problem is that this increases latency. There was a blog I read that went into detail about this whole problem, but I can't find it right now. Point is that I don't remember anyone complaining about microstudder back in the LGA 775 days, nor have I heard of anyone with an X79 build complain about microstudder.

Intel also obviously limits us by forcing us to buy 'K" series chips, and this ties in with the BCLK limitations. Otherwise we would still be able to overclock non "k" processors by simply adjusting the base clock (like we did with LGA775 and how we overclock i7 3820 cpu's). Yes they are great CPU's, but objectively speaking the whole platform is designed to milk as much money as possible from the average gamer. Intel seems to have a great architecture right now, I just hope that we all remember this 5 years down the line when AMD catches up.
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