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I was not aware that all GTX 6xx cards supported more than two monitors! Good to know - thanks!

As much as I have always like ATI videoc cards (whoops - am I dating myself? ), as well as Matrox when they were competing in this space - if I am buying new, it will be nVidia to get CUDA.

The suggestions about the GTX 650 series are interesting. However, I think a 660 or 660 Ti would be better - the 650 and 650 Ti has less memory bandwidth than a GTX 460.

From Tom's Hardware (,3318.html):
Memory Bandwidth
GeForce GTX 650 80 GB/s
GeForce GTX 650 Ti 86.4 GB/s
GeForce GTX 660 144.2 GB/s
GeForce GTX 560 128.2 GB/s
GeForce GTX 460 115.2 GB/s
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