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Originally Posted by XNine View Post
It was nice of Hardware Canucks to break NDA and release their review before the chassis officially launched.
Originally Posted by SKYMTL View Post
As I told you guys, it was NOT intentional. The Youtube channel was set to midnight Atlantic time and launched the review accordingly (actually it launched it LATE for some reason). Essentially, it was a comedy of errors and miscommunications that had the review going up early.

I spoke to your guys over the phone and they cleared the reviews to stay.

We DO NOT purposely break NDAs. NEVER.
I believe & fully back sky on this .... heck he even held back a review to make shure it was right compared to other review sites.

More so Xnine ..... IF you wanted to adress this matter i think you should have done so using PM's ... Otherwise IF i was sky i'd be calling YOUR boss's asking for your job with how your conduct is on posting what you have. This does not promote your employer/the product in a positive light nor your competence as a representative for the company.