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For the Corsair's H100 radiator, I'm using two 120mm Modders Mesh fan grills for the custom 240 machined aluminum grill. Here are the steps I took in painting them to match the grill frame.

I'm using 3M RED Scotchbrite hand pads for cleaning and scuffing the grills for a primer base coat.

For the Primer coat, I used RUST-OLEUM Enamel Primer. It's available from Home Depot or LOWES, in Black, Red or Grey color. I used Black

After the RUST-OLEUM Primer has cured for 30 minutes, I applied the color coat, which is Plastikote's Engine Enamel, #207, Aluminum. Manufacturer Page here, Engine Enamel:Specialty | PlastiKote Paint Products

Ending results are a very good color match to the actual aluminum grill frame.

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