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Originally Posted by Alwaysrun View Post
I'm struggling to even like this game at all. I force myself to sit down and play but I have this critical thought process that keeps me from enjoying this game on it's own merits without constantly comparing it to the original. At every pillar that this game is standing on I see how this "reimagining" dumbs the game down and/or dosn't even try to improve, streamline or even include game elements from the original. I'm constantly seeing where control/Interface decisions were obviously made to accomidate console controls and hardware limitations. I played through the original twice in the month before the release of this and just couldn't pull my self away from it, now this comes out and I feel dreary and meloncoly and have to force myself to sit and play a pale hollow reproduction of a truly great game. I know this is a good game and I'll keep plugging away at it but it's a chore.
Just curious exactly what decisions you're talking about. Can you give some specific examples?

I loved the original, it's in my top 3 games ever released, and I'm super happy with how this new one plays. It's pretty much everything I could have wanted from a remake.
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