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My System Specs


Retail Plus 700W ATX Power Supply (PS70-700W80) : Power Supplies - Future Shop
Get rid of that "Retail Plus" power supply. A 700W PSU with only two PCI-E connectors = false advertised wattage That junk will probably explode (literally) if you try to draw 550W from it.

Definitely install the OS to the SSD - actually I'd recommend you install to the SSD with the hard drive unplugged, so the installer doesn't do dumb things like try to put the bootloader on one drive and the OS on the other.
You don't want to clone the OS from hard drive to SSD because Windows 7 actually detects when you install to the SSD and does a few optimizations (disable defrag, change SuperFetch settings, etc). You may have to apply those SSD optimizations manually if you start with the hard drive.
You won't even load a decent 300W power supply with that computer, even if you run dual graphics with your APU. Your older power supply might actually work if it actually has a good deal of its wattage on the +12V rail. (If most of the wattage comes on the +5V then it's too old.)
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