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Originally Posted by Bond007 View Post
Here is a review with 1920x1200 for SCII
haha, I actually have that same link in my OP ;)

Originally Posted by Pabz0r545 View Post
p.s. you should add me to bnet :D I play tons of sc2 but been on a break for xcom. over 7k ladder games on my belt :P
haha, I'll definitely do that when I don't have to game on my MBP 13" anymore and I get a little bit more practice. 7K games is ALOT more than what I've accomplished in SC2 :D

Originally Posted by dandelioneater View Post
Like others have suggested: the 650Ti will probably run SC2 alright but a 660 or 660Ti would give you that little extra boost especially in those scenes with lots of animations and units. You don't want to drop down below 30 fps in those parts of the game, you won't be able to control your units.
sometimes, I hate it when you guys are right ;)
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