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My System Specs


I've owned only a few AMD cpu's in my time: 9600 phenoom, a 965 PII, FX-6100 BD, opteron 6128's and an e-350 APU in a lappy. Other than the BD, my experience overall was pretty good.

If you do tasks that can take advantage of high core count opterons or even BD chips then AMD offerings can be very appealing compared to intel.

Secondly, I think the APU's are great. If they can get the single threaded performance up a bit on those to rival the lower end i5's then they would make a great little budget game box coupled with a discrete gpu for xfire.

I didn't have a good experience with the FX-6100, but I would still consider going AMD again I think. You still get a better bang for your buck if you are buying AMD for a gamer build in all honesty.

Consider this $120 AMD cpu, $120 board, $300 gfx card compared to a $240 intel cpu, $200 intel board, 300 card. All for maybe 10-25 fps difference in most situations.

My 2cents.
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