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Originally Posted by b1lk1 View Post
If you ask me it was all downhill once they got out of the memory business. I loved their memory and high binnings. I especially fondly remember the VX series ram and how much abuse they could take while giving great rewards. Putting all your eggs in the SSD market when it has so little share overall makes it a HUGE mistake. Has market saturation even hit 10% for SSD's yet? I'd be surprised if it were even 5%. Don't even get me started on things like the failed from the start Cryo-Z which also cost them a ton of cash/credibility when they received pallets of rusted junk units from China.

If they were to revive their memory line, focus hard on building a decent PSU and continue with SSD development I would say they have a chance. In their current state, it is only a matter of time as you can only bleed so much blood.....
If you ask me .... between the damage they took for the bad mir's/failed units OCZ left the memory market at the right time cause the ONLY way they would have been able to sell there ram was for insainly almost below manufactoring cost for the modual itself to sell it. Believe me I luved OCZ's ram & the looks of it as well .... BUT just look at the market right now .... even IF they would have stayed sellin ram ... there are too many companies selling ram now ..... even generic "sleeper" ram from samsung would be what they'd have to sell at.

I agree with the other poster ..... IF WD or Seagate ever got there mitts on OCZ & there SSD assets they'd hold a BIG footstep vs the other ..... Makes me wonder what 1 of those seagate hybreds with a 2-4 tb physical & 60-120 gig ssd buffer would be like ...
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