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Default DirectX 10 or 11?

So I downloaded the Nvidia 306.97 WHQL driver for my GT630M graphics card (Drivers | GeForce) but it seemed to lower my performance in Diablo 3 fps wise from 55.6 avg. to 43.5 avg. according to two 30 min. benchmarks from Fraps. So I re-downloaded and installed the 306.23 WHQL driver and it should be fine.

But according to Nvidia Control Panel my GPU supports DirectX11 yet when I check it appears that I have DirectX 10 installed. I don't know if I had DirectX 11 before I updated the driver, but should I download DirectX 11? What difference does it do having DirectX 10 or 11? Can updating the driver degrade the DirectX-version?

Windows 7 64 bit.

Thanks guys. :-)

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