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Originally Posted by sswilson View Post
The only other possible common fault I can think of would be your PSU. IIRC the 450 only uses one 6 pin PCIe plug while the 560ti and 580 both use two plugs. If the shop says that both cards are fine that'd be the most obvious culprit.
Good point! I have a 850 watt OCZ ZX PSU in that case. After all the news I have been seeing it may be the culprit. The card was appearing to be folding yet when I hooked the HDMI to it I had 640/480 display that appeared to be like 8 bit. Really messed up. I was concerned the gtx580 and high heat had also baked the MB or PCI slot. I have the x79 sabertooth MB so kept getting high heat warnings from the pcie slot 1 and another spot on the MB. In my other case I have the AX 850 watt Corsair PSU. To be honest I am not sure what the problem is with the 560 so thought I best IPR it since I paid for it. Fans appear fine, only about 2 months old. Do you find gpu's don't last long folding? I do not OC any gpu's only the cpu's since both are water cooled. When I said the card appeared to be folding, I really am not sure. The one machine does about 50-70k PPD while that machine was 40-50 PPD for awhile. I think my problems have been around for awhile. I was just not really aware of it, till the whole thing crashed down.

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