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Default Bitfenix Ghost WC build

Just got a relatively new mid-budget WC case in and will be doing one of my typical no frills worklog on it over the next week or two. Aside from the case, the great majority of parts are from earlier builds, however, some of you might recognise a few of the parts going into it as being stuff that I've snagged off of HWC buy/sell threads and have been hoarding for the last little while.

Couple of new purchases for this build. I'm putting the 990FX Sabertooth into this build, and just couldn't live with the dual core athlon running on a full fledged WC build so I picked up the 965 on sale at NCIX last week. My last upgrade (hex i7 for me i7 920 upgrade for my son) left me short a set of mem so I grabbed these off of last week's sale as well.

This isn't going to be the vid card on the final build, but will be filling that role until a more permanent (WC'd) solution arrives. Nothing like putting a $50+ aftermarket cooler on a (I dunno... maybe $30? ) ATI 4850 with a noisy fan. :)

Some of the HWC purchased items that'll be going into this build. The bay res was purchased on it's own, but the SSD was purchased as part of a bundle (and would be wasted on my main rig as it doesn't have Sata3) , and the GTs came attached to a 360 rad but this case will only accept a 240.

Well, that's it for now. As per my TT build I'll update this first post with links to future pics.

Oh... almost forgot... in case you don't already know what the case is (I've mentioned it on the forums previously), here's a teaser......

Thanks for looking!


Links to posts with images in them.....

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