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Default GTX 650 Ti for 1440p RTS gaming

Sorry for ANOTHER thread asking about GPU performance, but nVidia keeps releasing cheaper cards :) . I originally specced the build with a GTX 670 lol.

AnandTech - The NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650 Ti Review, Feat. Gigabyte, Zotac, & EVGA - SKY didn't do SC2 :(

looking at the performance there any reason to believe that the EVGA GTX 650TI SSC won't be able to run SC2 at top settings (no AA though) at a reasonable framerate at 1440P?

I realize [that seemingly] the extreme majority of you are FPS gamers who demand maxed graphics with min FPS. greater than 60FPS. PLEASE keep in mind that SC2 is an RTS game, where 24-30 average FPS is more than reasonable (although staying too close to 24 FPS the whole time is still a bad thing and dipping below that is a very bad thing).

maybe the 2GB version might be more appropriate for 1440p resolutions? I realize that the 7850 is the recommended buy, but I really rather stick with nVidia for this build. thoughts?

NOTE: I also plan on playing the next Dead Space. On my MBP 13" w/ a 320m, I can max out dead space AND keep decent framerates. I'm assuming if SC2 runs fine, then DS3 will be fine as well.
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