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Well fellas my saga continues. I took the 580 in for IPR have to wait up to 5 days for a reply. Thats ok, glad I have it. I come home and move my (gtx 560 Ti 448 core asus dc2) other video card out of pcie slot 2 into 1. Card acts up all sorts of crashes and bsods about hardware or software. Try removing and reinstalling other drivers, I tried legacy drivers and googled error codes for awhile. Finally I tried the evga scanner and precision, both claimed I did not have supported gpu. I checked display-drivers in win7 and low and behold its running msft vga drivers. At this point I removed the card and inserted an older gts 450 I have. It worked fine once I installed the driver yet again. My conclusion is that the gtx 580 that overheated may have contributed to a 560 failure as well since the cards were in pcie slots 1 and 2. They are large cards and there may not have been enough air flow between them. Not sure but tomorrow I will be off to MEMX for another IPR on the 560 Ti. Will keep you posted...sigh.

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