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My System Specs


Alright, this is exactly what you need to do, everything. Starting with rooting + installing CWM (clockwork mod recovery)

First, download everything: These links are for CM9 (ics) the links JD posted are for CM10. The steps are the same for either.

Odin (you will use this to flash the file to root your phone):

Root file (this is specific to your kernel 3.0 charlie, nobody else use this unless you're running KF4 kernel) CF-Root Download

Cyanogenmod9 latest nightly for galaxy s2 i9100 (4.0.4) :

(the stable version was released a while ago and there have been improvements since, so use the latest!) My sister has the S2 running CM9 and my GF has the S2 running CM10. CM9 works much better on the S2.

Latest Google apps for ICS: Downloads - Downloading

Ok now you have all the files you need.

1. First thing you should do is put the CM9 nightly zip file on your phones internal SD card. I like to put everything in the "download" folder just so it's all in the same spot. Also put the gapps file in the same spot.

2. Turn off phone

3. Boot into download mode. Hold volume down, home button, and power button. When screen turns on, let go of power button but keep holding vol down and home until the download mode comes up. It shoudl say download mode/odin mode.

4. Plug your USB cable into phone/computer.

5. Check odin, in the top left it should have a yellow rectangle that shows the phone is connected. IF NOT THEN YOU MIGHT HAVE TO INSTALL samsung USB drivers if for some reason you don't already have them. Find them here SAMSUNG_USB_Driver_for_Mobile_Phones.exe

6. Unzip the root file ( , out should pop out a .tar file.

7. Click the PDA button in odin, and navigate to the CF-Root-SGS2_ZS_OZS_KF4-v4.0-CWM4.tar file.

8. Hit start. Odin will flash the new rooted kernel to your phone. It will automatically reboot.

9. Now you're rooted with CWM intalled. Time to boot into CWM to do a backup and then install cyanogenmd.

10. Boot into recovery, same as download mode but hold volume up, home, power. Let go of power when screen comes on, hold vol up and home until you are booted into recovery.

11. Use the volume keys to navigate up and down, use the power (or sometimes home) button to select.

12. MAKE A BACKUP. Incase anything goes wrong, you want a working backup. Go down to backup and make hit accept or whatever. It should take around 5 minutes.

13. Once backup is done, you're ready to install CM9. First thing to do is wipe/factory reset. This will wipe the current ROM and apps, and caches, you will still have all photos and documents.

14. Install You will probably have to go to choose file from internel SD card. This will take about a minute.

15. When CM9 file is installed, then install the gapps-ics file that was in the same spot you put CM9 file.

16. Reboot phone. Done. Enjoy CM9

ANY questions, let me know. I wrote this all off of memory but I've done it so many times!

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