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Originally Posted by SKYMTL View Post
A 100W TDP APU with a single fan in probably a large case? IMO, you may have some issues unless you undervolt. While the coolers may be passive, they still need some air movement to get the job done.
This is an Orochi Sky! Biggest damn passive HSF ive ever seen, and it sitting around not being used!

I realize I'll probably need fan, but the fewer the better.

Also: Nightjar is out. Its at least 50$ more expensive than others. Anyone have experience with the following?:
- Kingwin STR-500
- FSP group Aurum Xilenser
- Seasonic SS-460FL/SS-400FL

Edit: And for some strange reason, im being drawn the Lian-Li open-board ITX case: PC-Q06. All internalized components save the board, GPU and HSF. Problem... seems EOL? Dangit... Anybody have one to sell?
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