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Default And for my next trick: Passive Asymetrical Xfire APU Gamer?

Yeah, Im weird. I just finished rebuilding my Lanbox and now I still have the itch...

Going for
A10-5800k w/ Scythe Orochi passive heatsink
6670 Passive (Probably a sapphire ultimate if i can find one)
Decent FM2 board, itx or mATX
Lots'o'grills Case
Passive PSU (Probably an SS Nightjar)

Worse-case scenario: a fan or two just for air movement. Gentle typhoon AP-11s, Nexus real silents and others I already have. Maybe a 220mm on a side panel or something. But the point is a 0db system.

This probably won't be happening anytime soon. But its a fun thought...

Speaking of, what are Your thoughts? Is it even viable (cause I think it is)
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