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As for your question of weather a tx850 will run them, I run my rig off a HX850 with no issues, even with some pretty heavy overclocks, that wouldnt be to much of a worry if I were you. Like its been mentioned, I personally would go with a single card that runs lower power and heat. These cards run ridiculously hot, I know I need more rad space, the 360mm isn't enough for 2 580s and an overclocked cpu, but even when they were air cooled the heat dump is to much on dual cards. Ive also run into some SLI issues with games programs, random nv driver crashes ect. Its just so much easier to spend the little extra and get a better single card then deal with SLI unless your going for bleeding edge and like the look... I have a hard time giving up having dual cards just cuz they look so cool :( IKR?
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