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Originally Posted by muse108dc View Post
steam will work, not sure where you got that it wouldn't. It won't be in metro but then nothing worthwhile for the desktop will be. Which is why 8 is mostly useless. Should add that it won't be working on the arm version, RT, but it will work on any x86 system, aka Intel or AMD.

though it will take willpower to stop me buying a surface this month, I want to wait for the pro version.
I'm actually quite well aware of this ;)

then if steam works normally, why do people demand linux support all of a sudden?

Originally Posted by Fleurious View Post
I just hope MS goes back to the start menu for the next Windows because I've never been able to get the hang of Linux.
don't count on it.

source: microsoft rep at conference*

*this was what I was told about a year ago. Obviously been a long time, but i haven't seen any reason to believe otherwise.
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