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Originally Posted by EmptyMellon View Post
Measure the length required and get screws that are the appropriate length - usually a #6-32 thread, lenght as required. Alternative, you can always cut or grind the screws down to the appropiate length as well. Crappy Tire usually has various length black-oxide screws in a number of head types - Socket Head, Button HD (head), Flat HD, Phillips, etc (mind you, the one in Red Deer really has gone down hill with their selection). Or if you work in a shop of some sort they should have some to spare.
I was thinking to grind down the screws. It's a bit difficult to measure but I'll go to Gregg Distributions here in town, they seem to have a very wide selection. I'm sure if I take the long ones with me as a reference I can get the exact length I need. Thanks!
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