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This is my favourite HTPC keyboard and the remote works fabulously with Windows Media Center. - the leading Home Theater PC componenets manufactory who provide one stop shop for your HTPC needs. Visit us to build your dream HTPC, Media Center PC and Home Media server. We offer the most quiet, cooler, compact and multi-functional

The keyboard has sensual sculpted curves. It looks good and when you pick it up, it just feels natural and familiar. You can cradle it like a giant XBOX controller. The shoulder button on the right is for the left mouse button and a combination scroll wheel/middle-click mouse buttons is on the left shoulder. The optical trackball is under your right thumb and the left and right mouse buttons are under your the left. I found this to be a perfect position for point and click Web browsing.

The same sculpted shape fits it comfortably on your lap for serious typing. Or if you prefer, 4 soft rubber feet hold it tenaciously to any flat surface with the keyboard angled slightly up. The keys are arranged in the standard notebook layout. The keys are a little mushy and don't have the clikity-clack of a full-sized keyboard. I find that throws off my touch typing.

But, if that isn't enough, they throw in a pretty good MCE compatible remote control. Although the buttons are a little small, there seems to be one for every imaginable MCE function: My TV, Music, Photos, Video, Live and Recorded TV, DVD and Guide. You may find the small buttons and labels a problem in dim light. I found the layout intuitive to memorize. The remote also has a trackball and left/right mouse buttons. The number pad does not support triple-press text entry in MCE dialog boxes.
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