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Originally Posted by SKYMTL View Post
The answer

Most 990FX motherboards already support Piledriver's microcode with their newest BIOS files. PCI-E 3.0 is certainly not necessary.
Originally Posted by terrybear View Post
Simply put no.

There where reports/info that 10xx series chipset is being pushed back to a 13' timeframe. Futher rumor was steamroller was gonna be pushed out with the 10xx series chipset ... but word is nor AM3+ will also suposivly do steamroller as well.

My guess the reality is as well with DDR4 becoming so close to market that 10xx series chipsets are being held back to make a change over to DDR4, possibly Sata Express (double to quad pumped Sata interface) & other things.

Remember for awhile AMD (well mainly Ati at the time) did have a powerful chipset that ran on both intel/amd cpu's & where seen that the cpu's itself where what held the chipsets back from seeing there full power potential. To me ... this is what I feel amd needs to do in combination with the cpu side of things to bring some competition back to intel.
Thanks Sky and Terry, that was the answer(s) I was looking for. It seems I will stay with my 990FX for a while and see what happens to Piledriver after it's release.

Originally Posted by great_big_abyss View Post
OP, you seem to attach a negative connotation towards not having a chipset. I assure you, it's good news. All of us (myself included) who bought 9-series chipset motherboards and then upon seeing reviews did not upgrade to bulldozer (choosing instead to run our existing phenom IIs) will be able to simply drop in a new Vishera chip...depending on reviews, of course.
I do hold a grudge against the 990FX, cause I bought my Crosshair Motherboard in the hopes that Bulldozer was a successful product. But instead I did not continued to buy Bulldozer after seeing the difference against my Phenom II.

Truth to be told I was just actually interested whether there is going to be a new chipset for Piledriver.

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