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I have set up a few O!Plays, its not limited to just them but they have 0 umph. They are slow in menu's and the first few seconds of video is usually no sounds or plays catch up. They also seem to be an ASUS afterthought when it comes to netflix etc. I would advise against them.

To rip DVDs for just their video I would suggest handbrake it works well and outputs decent video quality on their pre sets. speed seems to have improved lately as well, DVDs are under 30 min to encode and blurays are about 2.5 hours on their high pre-sets. Sub titles on some blue rays are a pain in the ass and need more work then she is probably willing to put in just as a word of warning.

For menus ISO is the easiest way to go.

I have been struggling with small media boxes and have decided the only real solution is a real PC, anything else is a compromise in something.
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