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Originally Posted by Dead Things View Post
In Terminal - this will give you a live readout of your CPU usage per PID, and if anything is interfering with fah. Use Ctrl-C to exit top, then type exit to close Terminal when done. I doubt you'll find anything interfering, though. My guess is that you'll discover more consistent frame times in fahlog and that fahcontrol is just behaving a bit drunkenly.
So after a little more investigating, if found that the problem is with fahcontrol and not the folding computer itself. fahcontrol's TPF estimates are off. I imported two of my 8101 logs into a spreadsheet and used that to manually calculate the TPF of each and both units showed consistent TPF numbers. Googling the issue revealed that there's already a ticket out for this problem with fahcontrol but it also doesn't look like it is going to be addressed anytime soon.

Additionally I had top running for a while in the terminal and fah is getting near 100% (or about 2397-2399% as top reports it for 24 cores) cpu usage almost all the time with only unity and xorg taking <1% a few times a minute. So it seems nothing is wrong after all. Awesome.

Thank you guys for all your suggestions.
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