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" When looking at the A10-5800Kís benchmark numbers without an open mind, youíll likely see processor that lacks performance consistency which is paired up with some impressive graphics capabilities. However, there is much more to this equation than a strict separation of CPU and GPU tasks. In many ways Trinity is a step in the right direction and its architecture represents a giant leap ahead for the viability of a truly heterogeneous computing environment. We canít wait to see what the next generation will bring. "

Hit it right on the head there Sky if you ask me

As much as peaple want to call me/label me a "fanboy" of the amd side of things ...... I've NEVER been a person to look at how a cpu preforms with "OLD" software. There are RARE instances where software gets used for decades in like a "legacy" standard .... one of those is accounting as i have a bud whom is a non "cga certified" accountant with 19+ yrs experience has told me about MANY small to mid level accounting firms still using old versions of quickbooks.

This mentality/mindset of basing preformance on old software/stands reminds me of those folks whom load up 3dmark 06 to see how high of a score they can get now ...

Simply put .... processor companies SHOULD be building for forward technoligies & not backwards ones (like mmx is there anything that actualy uses this extention anymore?) so to me this is amd doing smarter thinking then not smarter.
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