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Default Robers Space Industries - Star Citizen Pledge Now!

Roberts Space Industries - Star Citizen
Star Citizen by Cloud Imperium Games Corporation — Kickstarter

I thought I'd just tidy up this first post before bed.

Star Citizen is Chris Robert's, creator of the Wing Commander series, next big space sim. He is relying on a combination of private investors and Crowd funding to achieve his goals. Why? Because he wants to do a PC game that pushes the boundaries of whats possible, he wants to utilize the inherent power and openess of the PC in a way that has not been done my a traditional publisher in years. He also wants this to involve players

Graphically you can expect 10x the polygons that are currently in games and that level of fidelity consistent from your character all the way up to the capital ships.

So what is Star Citizen? Its a persistent universe powered fueled my player exploration and discovery. Its primarily a space combat game where players of 60-100some people will participate in instance battles. But you can expect commerce and trading as well as piracy to be big parts of the game. You can also expect micro updates every week or two that add more to the single player campaign, expand the universe and just keep improving the game.

Along with the multiplayer aspects there will also be a Wing Commander style single player campaign which can be played offline. If you've played any of the WC games you know what to expect more or less.

There are quite a few different levels to pledge at, and a kickstarter page is now setup as well if you were holding out for that. Kickstarter is nearing 250,000 after only 2 days of it being up. The main site is at 1,150,000 so its looking like we are well on our way to achieving the goal. But we must keep up the momentum, spread the word, lets get this game made. We have those stretch goals to strive for after all.

Trailer: Star Citizen Extended Trailer - Squadron 42 [Cry Engine 3] - YouTube
Pitch: Star Citizen - Chris Roberts Pitch Video - YouTube
Pledge:Star Citizen | Roberts Space Industries

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