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Originally Posted by freeloader1969 View Post
Gafanden, thanks for the kind words. That's quite the fluctuation for the same unit. I can't say I've ever seen that. Of course, I've seen plenty of 8101's with different TPF from unit to unit, but never variances that high for one unit. Are you sure nothing is running in the background? Also, did you install the Kraken?
To be honest, with my inexperience in Linux I'm not sure if anything is running in the background. Since installing Ubuntu 12.04, the only things I've installed were FAHClient 7.1.52, FAHControl (which I run only to check on the unit and then quit when I'm done), and the Kraken. If something else is running, it would have to be a default Ubuntu service but I don't know what that would be.

One thing I do want to double check when I get home today is what the frame times in the log were. I was using FAH Control to check my frame times rather than go straight into the logs and work out the frame times myself. I'm not sure if FAH Control ever makes a mistake in frame times, but I'd at least like to rule that out.

One additional thing is that I checked my average frame time for my second 8101 (taking the overall time to complete the whole WU and dividing it by 100) against the frame times you were getting in the log you posted earlier in this thread and my average frame time is only about 30 seconds longer than most of your frames. This is what's causing me to suspect it might just be FAH Control reporting an incorrect frame time.
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