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Very intensive review and well done. Incredibly disappointed by the FM2 architecture as well. Incredible value for an APU but I find it very disturbing that the CPU performance is so bad. The newest generation of chips are an actual downgrades from chips they produced back in 2008/2009 (Deneb cores). I had similiar results with my A10, was able to reach a stable 4.71Ghz at 1.5v but the performance was as much as 20% slower than Deneb core chips at the same speed.

Some of it might be the RAM since there seems to be issues with overclocking the memory on the chips. I'm hoping its just an immature BIOS issue/lack of experience since the same set of RAM I used on Llano to get to 2800 I wasn't even able to reach 2200 which is below the rated for the sticks.

My first impression of the A10 is disappointment from a performance side but still gets a thumbs up for value and I suppose hitting their market niche dead on. Here is hoping it likes the cold and can see some good scaling at the higher speeds.
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