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My System Specs

Default Video editing files

Well, it's my bad I forgot to mention that the WD Black is only for gamefiles ect.
All files regarding video editing is on my server (RAID array) and is fetched over a 10Gb fiber through a PCIe fiber NIC, and everything else is either on cloud or on my server.

Also, I didn't write anything about PSU as I have a Corsair HX750 lying around that I figured I'd be using for this build.

I've changed my mind about some of the stuff.
The case is changed to HAF XM instead as I think it will suit my nedds better and I like the x-docks.
The monitor is changed to Asus VE278Q wich gets better reviews and has DisplayPort.
The GPU is changed to a GTX680 (2GB) as I thought "what the hell, better safe than sorry", though I had my doubts because of the 1 Gig difference in ram.

I ordered everything + some misc. but the case won't be in stock until the 17th.

Now it's just the waiting that going to kill me
Game On !
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