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My System Specs


Originally Posted by Dead Things View Post
Short version: AC watts = the watts pulled from the wall, as reported by your Kill-a-Watt. Insert this number into A1, then B1 will report your average monthly hydro cost for running the equipment.

Somewhat lengthier version: Yeah - so a computer uses DC power, which is why it needs a PSU: to convert AC power from the wall into DC power for the machine. There is a certain amount of power that is lost in this conversion (usually articulated as the efficiency rating of the PSU), so your AC wattage will be higher than your DC wattage. Since it's the AC wattage (i.e., the power from the wall) that affects your hydro bill, make sure to use that instead of any software-or-otherwise-derived measurement of DC power consumption. Hence the need for a Kill-a-Watt or similar AC measurement apparatus. This little gizmo might give you a few different metrics - volts, amps, etc. The one you want is watts. Note that it's normal for your AC wattage to jump around a bit. It can vary by as much as +/- 10% when under a seemingly consistent 100% folding load. Up to you if you want to use an estimated average based on the Kill-a-Watt read-outs or if you want to enter the peak wattage (this is what I do).
Thank you for eplaining this to me
Wow I never thought that my PC is actually using DC instead of AC. kind of wished all things ran on DC.
I also didn't know that the "efficiency ratings of PSUs" actually meant that the higher efficiency the less power lost in the conversion from AC to DC . I think that it is time for me to look at better PSUs lol

Now that I know this I can finally re setup my folder .
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