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Wow this thread has gone a long way since my first look at it. Here's my 2cents.

I actual can see this argument from all sides. The bottom line is that AMD CPU do perform well enough for 95% of people and they would never know the difference. They also perform very well in threaded apps that can't take advantage of hyperthreading. The other side of the coin is that intel has a CPU that generally offers higher fps in games (whether you would notice the difference or not has a lot of other factors riding on it), is faster in lighter threaded apps and those that can take advantage of hyperthreading. While I have always had AMD in my desktop rigs I would not if rebuilding now because of my lack of using heavily threaded apps, and the undebatable power usage advantage that intel is currently holding. IMO the best CPU amd had was the phenom II x6 and I wish I grabbed one while they were dirt cheap. If only they would have just done a die shrink of it and tweaked it slightly. While more and more threads may become the dominate force in the future it generally is not for the time-being.

The other area of argument is for integrated graphics...the FX to intel, and the APU to intel arguments need to be kept separate. I don't think anyone would argue that AMD have the best integrated at this point in time. If I was building an HTPC/low demand gaming rig (with no intentions of going to dedicated graphics) I would go for a 65w/100w (respectively) AMD APU. The small loss in cpu performance in some areas would not hinder my decision at all. However, if I was going to use dedicated graphics I would again shift to intel for the same reasons as I previously mentioned.

The last point is cost. While I can say I pick x over y, or vice-versa....a great sale or terrific used price will sway most people to overlook shortcomings.
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