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My System Specs


How can I convince you otherwise? Everyone I that I know and have convinced to buy a Korean monitor has been super impressed at the quality per $ that these Korean monitors have to offer.

#1 - Do you notice the quality difference buying name brands at Winners vs at regular department stores? Similar concept applies. You get a slightly lower graded panel at a vastly reduced cost. Most people won't notice a difference.

#2 - Run it at half res if you want FPS, or get a better video card. Better yet, disable AA. I stopped messing with AA because frankly I don't notice jaggies at this high PPI when I'm running through a map, or ducking for cover. Maybe I would care about AA if all I did was run Unigene Heaven bench or stare at trees in Crysis. I actually wish more review sites would bench WITHOUT AA because there are people who don't care for it.

#3 - That's a risk for every single LCD. Buy a colorimeter if accuracy is important. The benefit of these is that you don't need to wait 15 min for a CCFL backlight to warm up and stay consistent. If you argue about lack of OSD and color temp profiles, I will point you towards any of the classic 30" offerings like the Dell 3007WFP or Apple Cinema 30" and 27" which have only brightness controls. Brightness control only + a colorimeter hasn't prevented people from obtaining accurate colours in the past.
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