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Thank you wedge22!

I ordered the new Bitfenix fan controller from OuletPC I just noticed the Recon has ability to be controlled by the Internet (snickers) :D ... I can't recall a moment in my 12 years of PC building that I was worried about my temps while I was away. You configure the cooling so heat is never a concern. I can't deny that bitfenix has a devised a great marketing ploy.. However, I can see some Overclockers I know liking this capability.

Excerpt from Bitfenix RECON Product page

"Once connected, users can monitor and adjust their fans and temperatures via their mobile device. Best of all, the mobile interface is browser-based, which means it is compatible with virtually any mobile operating system, including iOS, Android, or Windows. At home, the easy-to-use touchscreen interface displays current system temperatures and fan speeds, while giving easy access to the Recon's advanced functionality.
Recon sports two specially-designed microprocessors that continuously interact with your motherboard, providing real-time status monitoring and control. Users can also save presets and recall up to three presets on-the-fly, making quick adjustments push-button simple. And to keep things looking awesome, Recon's SofTouch™ bezel delivers a luxurious matte finish and soft feel. With Recon, users are always in total control of their system – even on the go."

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