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Originally Posted by lowfat View Post
That is what duty is. Taxes plus a brokerage fee.
Originally Posted by TedShackley View Post
No it's not, and in Canada "Computer monitors are 0% duty rated, regardless of the country of manufacture"
Originally Posted by Sagath View Post
Importing by Mail

I couldnt find anything about your 0% taxes, and would love to see an official link so I can dispute my duty claim, but according to the border services site imports to Ontario (and any where else that has HST for that matter):

Importing by Mail

Last I checked, you, me and everyone else paid taxes. Hell, even with 'free trade', we still pay the taxes.
I stand to be corrected but I believe there's a misunderstanding between what a tax is, and what a duty is.

A sales tax is applied to all eligable products sold to a resident of a particular province + GST for the feds. AFAIK even in cases where the seller doesn't charge PST / GST / HST, the purchaser is still legally responsible to report the purchase and then pay the appropriate sales tax after the fact regardless of where the product was purchased.

A "Duty" is a completely different ball of wax and is primarily a border fee applied to goods manufactured outside of the country in order to protect homegrown industries. A case in point would be the grandfather clock we brought back from Germany... we didn't have to pay duty on it because we'd owned it for longer than a year prior to importing it to canada, but if we hadn't then a full %100 "duty" would have been applied to the value of the cabinet. (Apparently we've got an important cabinet industry in Canada.... ;) ).

Brokerage fees again are a completely different thing... those have nothing to do with the government other than the fact that it's the fee charged by the shipper to complete the documentation required to import the goods, as well as any temporary storage required while it's clearing customs. The government doesn't get a penny of "brokerage fees"
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