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My System Specs


Originally Posted by MARSTG View Post
for the moment there are no mini itx mobos for FM2. that build used an Atom board, but you limit yourself a lot by using that old case. Why not just use a regular PC case and attach the necessary parts to it? mini ITX boards are available just for FM1 socket.
Thanks. MSI and ASRock have announced mITX boards for FM2 but it appears they haven't been released yet (and who knows when that will happen). I don't want to use Atom or even the older FM1 AMD APUs because I'd like to play some Dolphin emulated Gamecube games as well.

For anyone else following, I gave up on the picoPSU and I'm just going to stick a 220-250W ITX PSU in there. Saves me the headache.

Everyone keeps asking why I don't just use a different case. The whole purpose of the build is to use an NES case (the more recent Nintendo consoles are much smaller and there is no chance I could squeeze what I want in there). If I weren't using the case I wouldn't be doing this at all (i don't need it, it's just for fun).

I'll update again when I get all the parts sorted. Until then I'll work on getting the controller adapters done.
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