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Default WebOS Community Edition - Luna CE

OH! ohohohoh. I'm in love all over again. The community has done to the touchpad in weeks what HP has failed to do in over 2 years. I really really think what's happening to HP's stock (you know the fact that its stock is falling steadily and that its value is rated somewhere between -$2 and -$6) is their own goddamn fault. They've admitted they need a cellphone but despite the fact that they have one of the best mobile OSes they wont be releasing one this year and if they do release one it quite possibly wont be WebOS.

But enough with the rant against HP's stupidity. Luna CE is gorgeous. For those unawares it adds apis, it adds gestures, it adds features that should have been there years ago. IF you own a touchpad I now command you to go delete that rubbish android build you have dual booting and go get this. Its better. It may have less apps but in reality android tablet only has 1 app that I ever used on it netflix everything else I preferred doing it in WebOS.

LunaCE 4.9.10 Alpha vastly improves cursor placement and brings back the wave launcher | webOS Nation

Its gorgeous. It makes me even more upset and makes me loathe HP even more. Admittedly it also makes me love WebOS Internals and the community even more.
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