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Default Looking for a new card

I'm starting to do my research as its time for an upgrade. Now let me paint the current picture. I am currently using a 4890 + slave for a 3 monitor setup, the resolution of the main is 1680x1050 and the others are 1600x1200 and 1280x1024 (and I have to say main widescreen backed up with 2, admittedly oddly sized, 4x3 is quite nice.

Now for the future. I do plan on upgrading to a higher end 27 inch sometime relatively soon (read most likely the new year) and I want to be able to power it sufficiently. So I'm currently at least looking at a 7950 I think.

My kerfuffle now is ATI's (I honestly have no real preference for ati or nvidia, maybe slight ati but not relevant) naming scheme is confusing me massively. You have 2 versions of each numbered version of the card, 7970 ghz edition vs 7970, 7950 boost, etc. 1 would think 1 version would be enough.
So my first question is simply is it worth hunting for the ghz or boost versions (yet to see a boost on ncix though...) or are these simply bioses that can be flashed or simply overclocked to get the same results?

Second question is AMD vs nVidia is one necessarily better this round or does it come down to a price point? I dont necessarily fold enough for that to become a factor.

Third question. What other questions should I be asking and what are their answers?
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