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Default ASUS rt-ac66u router

after returning 2 faulty negear routers (r6300{no switch leds - only for baby fingers & N900 super slow interface, crappy speed) i thought i would try ASSus.

looks great.
i like the vertical mount option.
lots of room in back of unit to plug and unplug (big fingers)
clear and logical gui

needs weekly reboot.
firmware unstable.
wifi radio off/on sheduling does not work.......(radio will turn off but never turn back on)
massive and wasteful packaging for little unit.
no wifi ON/OFF button.

online support is terrible...they will tell you you need to update the firmware when they know that their
new firmware has not been released yet. Tech guys uneducated, unresponsive and fail to resolve reason for call.

performance is just worth over 100 my opinion...

Is it just me or has average hardware build quality gone to shit?
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